Senenmut, Mastermind Behind Hatshepsut's Masterpieces?

Dr Campbell Price

  Monday 13th May 2024
 2pm Mayer Hall, Bebington

The high official Senenmut rose to prominence during the reign of the female Pharaoh Hatshepsut (c. 1473-1458 BCE), at which time he held the key title (among many others) of Overseer of All Royal Works. What evidence is there that Senenmut was himself personally involved in the design and construction of Hatshepsut's many innovative structures? In advance of a new biography of Senenmut to be published by American University in Cairo Press, this lecture explores the evidence for a close connection between the two.

Dr Campbell Price

Campbell received his BA, MA, and PhD from the University of Liverpool, where he is now an Honorary Research Fellow.
Since 2011, Campbell has been Curator of Egypt and Sudan at Manchester Museum, part of the University of Manchester and one of the largest Egyptology collections in the UK. Recent books include a best-selling children's book with Greg Jenner, Totally Chaotic History: Ancient Egypt Gets Unruly! (Walker, 2024) and Brief Histories: Ancient Egypt (Orion, 2024). Campbell is currently Chair of Trustees for the Egypt Exploration Society.

Social media: @EgyptMcr
'Golden Mummies of Egypt. Interpreting Identities from the Graeco-Roman Period' (Hardback, MUP)


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At each Society meeting held in Mayer Hall a selection of Egyptology books is available for sale at very reasonable prices.