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The society maintains an extensive library for the use of members.

We also have a large selection of books for sale at a very reasonable price.
Some of these are made available at meetings 
our current stock is listed on this page.

If you are interested in any of these titles, please contact the society’s librarian
Bill Jackson
for full details of price and delivery.

Photo - Bibliotheca Alexandrina مكتبة الإسكندرية

Books for Sale

Strouhal E
The Memphite Tomb of Horemheb, Commander in Chief of Tutankhamun
Paperback / Mint

Blyth E
Karnak, Evolution of the Temple
Paperback / Mint

Booth C
In Bed with the Ancient Egyptians
Paperback / Mint

Assmann J
Death and Salvation in Ancient Egypt
Hardback / Mint

Morenz S
Egyptian Religion
Paperback / Mint

Saunerson S
The Priests of Ancient Egypt
Paperback / Mint

Wilkinson T
Writings from Ancient Egypt
Paperback / Mint

Mairs R & Muratov M
Archaeologists, Tourists, Interpreters
Paperback / Mint

Emery W B
Archaic Egypt
Paperback / Fair

Allen T G
Occurrences of Pyramid Texts
Paperback / Good

Hannig R Die
Sprache Der Pharaonen
Hardback / Mint

Wilkinson Toby
Early Dynastic Egypt
Paperback / Mint

David R
The Experience of Ancient Egypt
Hardback / Mint

Books to Borrow

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